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New Building Construction

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Rocky Hill Contracting, Inc.’s new-building expertise lies in the construction of buildings of any size. Previous new-building construction includes residential, commercial, institutional and industrial for municipalities, state and federal governments.

The firm’s strengths lie in successfully managing each project with the utmost professionalism. Estimates are accurate, required site work is precise, construction is completed on time and within budget and the finished building is of the highest quality.


Concrete Recycling

Rocky Hill was able to recycle all concrete from this demolition on site and still retain the capabilities for the future.


Rocky Hill Contracting, Inc. has experience in demolition of residential commercial and military buildings. In addition to the proper disposal of building debris, Rocky Hill is familiar with lead-based paint and asbestos issues associated with demolition activities. They follow, to the letter-of-the-law, all health and safety requirements. The company’s expertise in demolition has resulted in substantial savings to its clients.

Concrete Capabilities

Rocky Hill Contracting, Inc. is experienced in residential, commercial and industrial concrete construction with the latest placement techniques and equipment in the trade, including concrete pumping trucks.

Hazardous Waste Removal

demolition stock photoRocky Hill Contracting, Inc. is certified in hazardous waste removal. They follow, to the letter-of-the-law, all health and safety requirements. All employees strive to continue their accident free work place. The company has experience with removal and proper disposal of soil and debris contaminated with petroleum, lead, metals, PAH’s and other contaminates while maintaining a safety record second to none.

Mineral Mining

Rocky Hill Contracting, is certified with the Division of Mineral Mining and has completed annual contracts for one of the largest mineral mining contractors in Virginia.


Rocky Hill has performed a wide variety of renovations for federal, state and local governments as well as private individuals.

Sitework and Utilities

Rocky Hill Contracting, Inc. has an extensive background in sitework from rough grade to finish grade and utility installation of sanitary sewage, potable water and storm water runoff. Their sitework and utility installation experience has served Richmond and central Virginia counties and towns.